Hit the Trails

Grab your mountain bike and get ready for some muddy springtime mountain biking and camping with hot showers afterwards. The closest adventure is on Buffalo Mountain at 2,300 elevation. If you're biking in the Asheville area, SABA, the Pisgah SORBA group and Blue Ridge Bicycle Club both have meet-up rides planned throughout the year.

Find your next challenge on SingleTracks or we also love MTB WNC for ideas on where to ride, like Bent Creek!

IMBA promotes the following widely accepted "Rules of the Trail" for helping in its goal of preserving mountain bike trail access:

  1. Ride on open trails only. If a trail is posted with a "no bikes" sign, don't ride it.
  2. Control your bicycle. This is particularly important when you meet hikers, horseback riders, or other cyclists on the trail. Good balance and proper braking are essential mountain biking skills.
  3. Always yield the trail. The steps are simple: slow down, establish communication with the people you meet, and pass safely. Yielding doesn't always mean stopping and dismounting, though sometimes that's the best idea, particularly when passing horses.
  4. Never scare animals. It doesn't matter if it's a horse, fox, cow, deer, elk, or mountain lion - give all animals plenty of room and try not to startle them.
  5. Leave no trace. All trail users affect the trailbed and the natural environment. Your goal should be to minimize your impact. Staying on the trail and not skidding are two easy steps. Staying off severely rutted or muddy trails is another.
  6. Plan ahead. Carry everything you need for a good ride: a spare tube and a pump, a rain jacket, basic tools. Know where you're riding. Wear a helmet.
  7. HAVE FUN!! (okay, we added that one)